What is Reiki for? The benefits of Reiki

reiki-health-benefits-what is reiki for?

In this blog I will discuss what is Reiki for? The benefits of Reiki. For details of how Reiki works see my recent post “about Reiki”.

Before I started working with Reiki energy I had heard of it but I didn’t know a lot about it and how it worked. Once I did my Reiki level one course I learned that it was working with universal life force energy and that it was a skill that every person had the ability to develop.

Even without being attuned to Reiki energy a person can still practice energy healing and there are many various modalities to choose from! For some, healing is an intuitive gift and doesn’t need to be taught, but instead it can be developed through a person’s own intuition. I have met and known a few people that work this way. However, if you want to practice Reiki personally or professionally then you need to receive an Attunement and take a course.

What are the health benefits of Reiki?

reiki-health-benefits-what is reiki for?

What is Reiki for? Here are a few main benefits of receiving Reiki healing

  • Promotes a sense of general well-being

Reiki will always work for the highest good of the person receiving it and the healing energy will travel to the place in the body where it is needed most. It promotes a sense of general well-being because it puts a person back into resonance with their emotional, physical and mental body and they become more in line with the higher self. In short, it restores the natural rhythm of the body, aiding it to function at it’s highest possible level.

  • Aids stress and anxiety

By far the most common feedback that I get from clients is regarding how relaxing receiving Reiki is. Almost all people will experience a feeling of deep calm and relaxation. Therefore, it goes without saying that Reiki is helpful for things such as stress and anxiety! It can also aid a healthy sleeping pattern in those that find it difficult to switch off at night. For me, this sensation of relaxation could be further described as a strong sense of being in the present moment, with complete unconditional love for what ever is going on with me, without judgment and a deep understanding that all is well. This knowledge is unconscious and felt within the body like a psychic download of information.

  • Removes emotional blockages

As mentioned above Reiki is very relaxing and as a result it is a natural healing modality for stress, anxiety or insomnia. However, it can also be used to treat more extreme emotional or mental issues such as depression, suicidal feelings or grief. If you feel that you are struggling with emotional issues, then Reiki can be used as an alternative therapy in conjunction with counseling or anti depressants. However, it should never be used as a substitute for psychiatric help or advice from trained professionals.

  • Treats physical illness. Alleviates symptoms and pain

Reiki can be used to help treat a wide range of physical health complaints, mild, moderate or severe. Anything from the common cold or headache; to chronic back pain or psoriasis; and even heart disease or cancer! Reiki can alleviate the symptoms caused by the illness or even aid your body on its way to curing the physical complaint. There is nothing too big or small that Reiki healing cannot tackle! However, although Reiki can and does work wonders, there is no guarantee that this will always be the case as every person is unique and different. Under no circumstances should it replace advice from your doctor. Any treatment should be in conjunction with any medication or medical treatment.

Who can use or receive Reiki?

reiki-health-benefits-what is reiki for?

Anyone! It can be performed on the elderly or infirm, children, pets, the sick or dying, even trees and plants in nature. The uses for Reiki are endless! Universal life force energy is the energy that flows through and connects all living things. Since Reiki works on the basis of this energy then it can be performed on any living thing, plant, animal or human.

Personally I feel that you should always try to obtain consent before sending any healing. However, there are some situations where consent cannot be obtained. For example, If I am ever sending healing to an animal or a child then I will make it a practice to ask on behalf of the higher self to accept the healing. For a child consent can also be obtained from a parent or guardian. With distance healing I will always obtain consent. However, even then there may be other instances such as someone who is in a coma or dying. In these types of situations Reiki may be given to aid the person to pass on to spirit, peacefully and without pain.

Reiki for emotional healing

reiki-health-benefits-what is reiki for?

Within the aura, which surrounds the physical body, are subtle energy bodies and all of these are connected or linked, they work together. There is the etheric body which is the first layer closest to the physical body and this is what most people will see when they start to see auras. The next layer is the emotional body and third is the mental body.

Information about your thoughts and feelings are filtered through your emotional and mental body by traveling through the 12 chakras towards the etheric body and the physical body. That is why emotions or thought patterns can often be experienced as physical sensations within the body. Anxiety becomes the knot in your stomach, fear can be a paralyzing force weighing you down and stress is collected in your neck and shoulders. Emotional sensations are as unique to each individual person as are the emotions themselves and they can be felt differently within the body.

Preceding the emotion is always the thought that creates it. Therefore, the thought originates in the mental body, which travels through the Chakras to become an emotion and felt in the physical body. Thought, emotion, physical sensation. It is in this order that it happens and it is no coincidence that it is in this same order that the energy bodies are laid out.

Reiki works by channeling life force energy through the Chakras and the hands will be placed on the body or within a person’s aura. This is why Reiki can be used to heal blockages in the emotional or mental body as well as the physical. In Reiki there are specific healing symbols that aid in transmitting a specific vibration of energy. Your Reiki practitioner may use some of these while treating you. The Reiki symbol that is most commonly used for emotional healing is called “Sei He Kei”.

Reiki for physical healing

reiki-health-benefits-what is reiki for?

Physical pain or illness is your bodies way of telling you that you have not been listening to yourself and your emotions. The first warning that all is not well is a negative feeling signature and the second warning is physical illness or pain.

When a specific feeling signature or trauma within the emotional body becomes repetitive or persistent enough and isn’t healed then it can become manifested in physical form within the body. When this happens, the emotional issue then becomes dense enough to create a physical pain or illness. In this instance, healing the root cause of the emotional trauma will cure the disease or pain. Reiki can help to temporarily combat the physical symptoms and pain, as well as to tackle the underlying emotional issue underneath!

The Reiki symbol that is most commonly used for physical healing is called “Cho Ku Rei”.

Any questions?

reiki-health-benefits-what is reiki for?

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog what is Reiki for? The benefits of Reiki. I hope you have enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it! If you have any questions or concerns about this article or anything at all please feel free to reach out to me. You can do so either by leaving a comment in the comments section below. Or, alternatively, you can contact me by email at alice@serenityswanreiki.com If you wish to book an appointment for a healing session, then the best way to do this is by text or via my Facebook page “Serenity Swan Reiki”. To find out more about booking a treatment please see my blog post “Reiki Treatment in Glasgow”. Please feel free to browse the rest of my website and check out my other blog posts. Thanks. Enjoy your day.

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