What are the 12 Chakras in Reiki – Introducing them into healing Sessions


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What are the 12 Chakras in Reiki? Most people that are interested in new age spirituality are at least fairly familiar with the 7 Chakra system. What is less well-known however are the 12 Chakras and the reason is that it is a fairly new concept. Up until recently there have been 7 Chakras awakened in our energy fields and these are what exist within the 3rd dimension. However, as the new energies come in, and the earth begins to ascend to higher planes of consciousness, we have been awakening our 5th dimensional Chakra system which is the 12 Chakras. The 12 Chakras, when fully awakened and operational, will plug into 12 strands of DNA, which will evolve to replace The Double Helix, currently existing within our cellular structure.

Depending on where you are on your spiritual journey, whether you are consciously aware of it or not, you may have already begun to awaken your 12 Chakras. When doing some research online to write this post, I found that there were slight variations on the colours of the Chakras or distance from the body. Therefore, the information that I have sourced for this post that does not come from my own intuitive knowledge on the subject is from Diana Cooper. This is because it was through Diana Cooper that I was first introduced to the concept of the 12 Chakras.

Right now on the planet there is a split within consciousness between the 3rd dimension and the 5th dimension. According to Diana Cooper, following practices about the 7 Chakra system will keep you stuck within 3rd dimensional energies and teaching about the 7 Chakras to students or clients will keep the people that you work with stuck within these energies. Using the 12 Chakra system will aid yourself and others to ascend to higher levels of consciousness. That is why I have developed my own Reiki techniques using the 12 Chakra system. This is based on conventional Western Reiki Practices and can be fitted into your own healing as well as on others.

During my Reiki training I became aware of the 12 Chakras and developed an interest in the subject. I began to research how to incorporate healing of the 12 Chakras into my own Reiki practice but I was not able to find any information on the subject. Therefore, I used my innate understanding and intuition (plus what I had already learned from my Reiki teacher) in order to develop my own process when healing myself. This had positive results and worked well for me and so after obtaining my Reiki Level 2 qualification, I decided to work this way with clients. I have received positive feedback from clients when working this way.

What are the 12 Chakras in Reiki? Underneath is a list of the 12 Chakras, their meanings and colours. As well as location or distance from the body. Please note that the 5D Chakra colours are very different to the 3D Chakra colours. I will also discuss my own methods for healing under each corresponding Chakra. Please note that you need to have received an Atunement to (at the very least) Reiki Level One, in order to fully benefit from practicing the techniques listed below on yourself or others. The information on healing practices underneath is meant for those that are practiced at Reiki or hold a qualification and it may not entirely make sense to those that are new. I hope that the following information is useful to you in some way and that you decide to incorporate the same practices into your own healing.

Earth Star

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What are the 12 Chakras in Reiki? We will begin by talking about the Earth Star Chakra. One of the newer fifth dimensional Chakras, the Earth Star Chakra is about a foot below your feet and initially it is black and white. When further awakened it turns to grey and then silver. It is in the charge of Archangel Sandalphon. This Chakra is your foundation and when fully activated then your energy is grounded into Mother Earth and you will become aware of your life purpose. This is because it contains the blueprint for your Divine mission in this life. It is what connects you to nature and to Lady Gaia. Spending time in green spaces and walking barefoot on the grass can help to activate this Chakra.

To heal this Chakra using Reiki say the name of the Chakra in your mind or out loud three times, in the same way that you would do if you were drawing one of the Reiki healing symbols to use. Then if you like you can imagine a black and white ball of light under your feet and set the intention to send Reiki healing there. If you are not good at visualization then don’t worry, often just the intention is more than enough, as it is when sending Distance Reiki. I’m not much of a visual person myself, I’m more of a feeler. However, I find that the intention to heal the specific Chakra for self treatment or on others is generally sufficient and you can set this intention clearly through repetition of the Chakra name and awareness of the location on the body.

To heal someone else the same method can apply but this time stand below the persons feet, about a foot away if you can, or closer if you can’t manage the distance. Hold your hands out in front of you, palms facing together, cupped slightly, and slightly less than shoulder width apart. The best way to do it is to imagine that you are holding a ball of light or energy within your hands. Then use the same method as above with the repetition of the chakra name and visualization. Imagine yourself holding the persons Earth Star Chakra between your palms.


By Periodictableru – Own work, CC BY 3.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=9774375


The Base Chakra is in the charge of Archangel Gabriel as are the next two chakras (the Sacral and the Naval). Its location on the body is at the base of the spine, near the sexual organs. Sometimes referred to as the “seat of the soul”, when fully activated we are in resonance with our own Divine presence, our Higher Self. The 3D Base Chakra was red which is a very primal colour but in the 5D it is a shimmering platinum, representing enlightenment and unwavering faith and trust in ourselves.

This Chakra can be healed using traditional Reiki hand positions. Hold your hands, fingers pointing together and palms facing downwards, over the genitals to heal yourself. To heal someone else hold your hands side by side, fingers pointing in the same direction, over the same area. Aim to be as close to the body as possible while doing this.


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This Chakra is related to unconditional love and understanding in relationships as well as experiencing a sense of joy, for example a state of joy in creative endeavors. It is symbolic of being able to express yourself authentically and to be yourself without fear or judgment from others. The Sacral Chakra on a third dimensional level is orange but in the 5D it is a soft pale pink, the light of unconditional love. When activated, this pink light of unconditional love will expand outwards from your sacral chakra to touch others who are close by.

This chakra, in the 5th Dimension, is related to the expression of love through sexuality and when awakened you will choose your sexual partners more carefully. In regard to family, activated 5th dimensional sacral chakras, when connected, can dissolve karmic bonds, leaving the family members with relationships built on respect and love.
This chakra can be healed using traditional Reiki hand positions. Hold the hands, fingers pointing together, and palms facing downwards, over the area between your genitals and belly button (the hips). To heal someone else hold your hands side by side, fingers pointing in the same direction, over the same area.


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The Naval Chakra is one of the newer 5th dimensional Chakras that did not exist in the 3rd Dimensional system and it is bright orange around the belly button. This Chakra is related to unity and feeling at one with other people. When fully functional it will have the positive effect of bringing a presence of unconditional love to relationships, respecting people as they are, and celebrating differences. It is the Chakra that is related to peaceful connection and harmony with all beings. It is related to soul families, the development of spiritual communities, and the state of Oneness.
To heal this Chakra on yourself, place the hands, palms facing downwards and fingers pointing together over the area of the belly button. To heal another person place the hands side by side, fingers pointing in the same direction over the belly button.

Solar Plexus

Solar Plexus-Chakra-12-Chakras-Colours-Golden-Rainbow-Lights

The Solar Plexus Chakra at a 5th dimensional level is in the charge of Archangel Uriel and it is a deep golden colour with rainbow lights. In the third dimension it contains a person’s deepest insecurities and fears that can stop them from moving forward with their true life purpose. When the law of attraction comes into play and brings us into close contact with someone else who mirrors the same fears that we have, then this chakra will go into a state of tension and it can cause a feeling of anxiety in this area. When these fears begin to heal, then your nervous system begins to relax out of a state of anxiety and into a state of trust, peace and tranquility.

If this Chakra is brought into the 5th dimension, then this state of serenity and peace will stay with you in every situation and you will help to heal others by passing on this state of relaxation in the nervous system. After healing this Chakra, you will be able to completely trust your gut instincts and feelings, you will feel in tune with the safety or well-being of loved ones, you will be able to sense if other people are being dishonest with you and you may even gain access to past life memories.
This Chakra may be healed using traditional Reiki methods by placing the hands fingers pointing together, palms facing downwards over the area between your belly button and your heart. Alternatively, you can place the hands, fingers pointing in opposite directions, one directly below the other on the same area. To heal this area on someone else the best method is to place the hands side by side, fingers pointing in the same direction over the Solar Plexus region.


The Heart Chakra is in the charge of Archangel Chamuel and in the 3D, it is green. Therefore, in order to unblock this Chakra and move it to a higher vibration it helps to walk within green spaces out in nature. This Chakra is next to the heart and it is therefore related to love and forgiveness. Emotions that keep it closed may be jealousy or hatred of others, or anything that stems from a lack vibration, that there is not enough love to go around. In order to remove the emotional blocks that keep this Chakra in a lower vibrational state you should release the past and let go of old hurt, to forgive those who have done you wrong. It is also important in the expansion of this Chakra to learn to love yourself. At the fifth dimension it is pure white light and enabling you to see the best in everyone and to approach life with an open-heart.

This Chakra may be healed using traditional Reiki methods. To heal yourself, place both hands over the heart, fingers pointing together, palms down. Alternatively you can place your hands one below the other, palms down and fingers pointing in opposite directions. With a client, place your hands one in front of the other, palms down, fingers pointing the same direction, directly over the other persons heart


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The Throat Chakra is in the care of Archangel Michael who enables us to have courage in our authentic self and to speak openly and honestly at all times. In the 3D the Throat Chakra is mixed with green giving a turquoise shade. When unhealed we can be dishonest, codependent and people pleasing towards others, keeping ourselves small so as not to upset those around us.

When the vibration of this Chakra begins to be raised towards the 5D it becomes a majestic royal blue in colour and we are able to stand within the authentic truth of ourselves at all times. Our words when spoken, are always aligned with our highest and deepest truth. This enables others to feel safe around us, as words that are spoken from an intention to be dishonest or hide ourselves away will cause a subconscious fear based reaction in those around us.

What Archangel Michael teaches us is that it is about the vibration and intention behind our words that matters, not the actual words that are used themselves. Two sentences that are exactly the same, when spoken with different intentions can cause completely opposing reactions.

This chakra may be healed using normal Reiki hand positions. For self healing place hands, fingers pointing away from each other, around your throat. To heal a client place hands fingers pointing in the same direction with one hand in front of the other.

Third Eye

The Third Eye Chakra is related to psychic insight and at the Pineal Gland. Decalcifying the Pineal Gland will aid you in raising the vibration of this Chakra. For example switching to a vegan diet and eating plant based foods. If you are interested in how to decalcify the Pineal Gland to awaken your Third Eye Chakra then there are many videos and resources out there to choose from. You can pick what resonates with you personally. This Chakra is in the charge of Archangel Raphael and it is related to enlightenment and abundance. In the 3D, it is indigo in colour and upon entering the 5D it becomes crystal clear with a pale green tint.

This Chakra may be healed using ordinary Reiki hand positions. The position of the Third Eye Chakra on the body is in the middle of your forehead directly above and between your eyebrows. To heal this Chakra on yourself, place your hands over your eyes, forming a triangle shape with your palms, fingertips just touching The Third Eye. To heal a client, the same position may be used while standing directly beside them. Alternatively, you can stand behind the head, forming a triangle, with the hands in the opposing direction.


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Archangel Jophiel is the archangel of wisdom who is linked to The Crown Chakra. In the 3D this was pure white and it was the very first Chakra and the point of contact to directly receive source energy. In the 5D it is crystal clear with a golden tint and it receives and translates information from the three Chakras above it, Causal Moon, Soul Star and Stellar Gateway. When it begins to awaken to higher consciousness then you will start to bring in the wisdom of your soul and your higher self. In a higher vibration you will have a strong sense of intuitive spiritual knowledge.

In order to heal this Chakra on yourself you can place both hands on top of the head, fingers pointing towards the back of the head. To heal someone else, stand directly behind them and place your hands on top of their head, with fingers pointing towards the front of the head.

Causal Moon

Image by Dorota Kudyba from Pixabay

The Causal Moon Chakra, one of the new fifth dimensional Chakras and it is located between the Crown and Soul Star Chakras. Before it is operational it can be found at the back of the head and when activated it moves in line with the Chakra column. It is pure white and it is in the charge of Archangel Christiel. It is related to the higher mind and connecting to spirit on a higher level. It is also connected to the moon and linked to the energy of the Devine Feminine.

In order to heal this Chakra on yourself visualize a white ball of light above or behind your head between your Crown and Soul Star Chakras. Then repeat the name of the Chakra “Causal Moon Chakra” three times in your mind or out loud. To heal this Chakra on another person imagine that you are holding a ball of energy in your hands directly behind the person’s head or above the Crown Chakra. Keep your fingers level.

Soul Star

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The Soul Star Chakra is another of the new fifth dimensional chakras and it is found approximately 6 inches above the head. It is Magenta, the colour of the Devine Feminine. When it begins to awaken it is in the charge of Archangel Mariel who helps to bring in the Devine Feminine energy, enabling the Devine Masculine and Devine Feminine to be in greater balance. This Chakra contains your gifts and talents that you have achieved in every previous life until now. Therefore, when this Chakra is awakened you will gain access to past life memories, knowledge and wisdom.

In order to heal this Chakra on yourself, repeat the name of the Chakra three times in your mind, or out loud, and visualize a Magenta ball of light, 6 inches from the head. To heal the Soul Star Chakra of another person, imagine that you are holding a ball of energy in your hands between The Causal Moon Chakra and the Stellar Gateway Chakra. If there is space then you can do this behind the person or alternatively hold your hands directly above the head of the client.

Stellar Gateway

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The Stellar Gateway Chakra is approximately 12 inches above your head and it is pure gold. It is also one of the new 5D Chakras. It is in the charge of Archangel Metatron. If this Chakra is fully awakened then you are able to step into your I AM presence, which is to be in complete resonance with the essence of your soul and perfectly aligned to source energy. Your I AM presence is your monad, which is who you are from the experiences that you have gained in all of your previous lifetimes. If this Chakra is online then you will experience ultimate oneness and are in connection with the universe.

In order to heal this Chakra on yourself, imagine a golden ball of light 12 inches from your head and repeat the name of the chakra out loud or in your head. In order to heal a client then stand behind them or beside them and extend your hands as high as they can go. Imagine that there is a ball of energy between your hands. If there is space then alternatively you can stand approximately 12 inches from the body.


When your 12 Chakras are fully awakened and aligned then you are able to bring the light of source through your Chakras to your Earth Star Chakra. This will then travel along the lay lines of the world to the Pyramids helping to raise the vibration of the entire Earth.

I hope that you have enjoyed reading my blog post “What are the 12 chakras in Reiki- Introducing them into healing sessions”. The above practices are meant as a guide only and they are outlining what I have found to work for me personally from my own intuition. Feel free to incorporate them into your own practice or stick with what works best for you. If you try out any of the healing practices and find that they are of benefit to you, then please do let me know in the comments section below this article.

Alternatively, if you have any questions, then do not hesitate to let me know in the comments as well.

Alice Swan


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